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Available now in the Global Village

Although we have plans to grow the Global Village, the following are available now.

XperienceX-periences of global needs

While many more of these will be developed in the future of the Global Village, there is already a range of x-periences available. Read about them and then make a booking with our office.

Global Handicrafts ShopstudentVolunteer 

If you would like to volunteer, please let us know your availability.

Shop & snack

You are welcome to visit our Silk Road Café for fair trade refreshments. Feel free, too, to shop in our Global Handicrafts Marketplace. Choose from its colourful array of fair trade products from all regions of the world where every purchase will benefit people in poverty.

Humanitarian aid

You would be welcome to give or receive help from our humanitarian aid services. You might donate goods, pack goods, fund distribution or provide administration support. If you are a registered charity, you could also request goods for your work.

Corporate team building

Student days

Your educational institution is welcome to use a wide range of  services: experiential learning, volunteer service and more. Click here for further information.

Corporate days

  • Corporate Social Responsibility. During the debrief activities following the x-periences, there is ideal opportunity to discuss CSR. In particular, you may wish to explore ways in which your company’s strengths can be aligned with particular global issues of concern.
  • Public/private and tri-partite partnerships. We have a 'matching service' that can assist if your company is interested in partnering with projects that help overcome global challenges.
  • Team Building Days. You can create a team building day using your preferred combination of x-periences, volunteer opportunities and/or discussion of CSR/partnership options. You are also welcome to use our seminar facilities, together with our food and beverage options.


Pledge NowPledge a donation to the Global Village

In order to grow the Global Village, we need a list of people who will pledge financially to support it, once we have permission to proceed.  Perhaps you would like to pledge towards the growth of the Global Village?