Crossroads Global Village
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What is in the Global Village?

In the Global Village, you will leave behind life as you know it and enter a world where every hut, pathway and field shows you the issues facing humanity today, both needs and solutions.


In the Village School, you x-perience educational need. At the Village Clinic, you x-perience medical need. In the war zone, you x-perience conflict issues. The list goes on. You may x-perience slum life, environmental challenges, disasters, hunger and more. It has been said, "I cannot understand a man until I have walked a mile in his shoes". In the Village, participants will not simply hear about needs. You will step into the "shoes" of those in need, through simulation. Click here to see a full list >>

Humanitarian AidSolutions

In the uniquely integrated environment of the Village, you can also participate in solutions to those needs: volunteer service opportunities, humanitarian aid distribution, Social Enterprise, Fair Trade, environmental activities, Corporate Social Responsibility, and tri-partite partnerships/public-private partnerships. Click here to see a full list >>