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Crossroads' Global Village

In the Global Village, you will leave behind life as you know it and enter a world where every hut, pathway and field shows you the issues facing humanity today, both needs and solutions.

Powerpoint Introduction


The Global Village will:

  • provide experiential learning for all students in Hong Kong, particularly its 240,000 senior students in the New Secondary Schools programme. It will also cater for the 300,000 primary, 70,000 tertiary and 35,000 international school students. 
  • offer over 120,000 hours of volunteerism, annually.
  • provide material aid to over half a million people in economic need, locally and internationally.
  • create over 800 jobs using a Social Enterprise model in particular.
  • help hundreds of companies pursue Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, service opportunities and public-private partnerships.
  • offer capacity for 1000–1500 people, per day.
  • enrich Hong Kong's international reputation.